Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that

-Martin Luther King, Jr.


Right to Report: The importance of journalism.

Freedom of the Press

In a historical contest, criticizing the powerful, the government and religious institutions have been crucial to the advancement of culture and modern day ideas. The cliché of the journalist as watchdog remains true. Jomaggieurnalism is a trade where one should always pursue the truth and expose it to the masses. Granted, not all media organizations and their employees hold this altruistic view. Nonetheless, when it is done right, doesn’t the journalist deserve protection? Yes! According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 61 Journalists were killed in 2014 with motives confirmed (verified work related murder). It is a significant number, but only a part of all the body count. Not mentioned are disappearances, exiles and arrests, just to name a few of the other atrocities committed against Journalists. It is a miserable day when freedom of the press is silenced, we cannot afford to lose these voices that make communities and cultures stronger.



Where Should You Look For Jobs?


The main goal for recent graduate is obtain a job in their field of choice. Search engines are always at our fingertips, in this digital era. Here’s some “employment search engines” and their ratings.

The broad


Pros: User Friendly. Remainders of incomplete or recently viewed job postings.

Cons: Suggest applied jobs.


Career Builders:

Pro: User friendly. Saves previous searches. Extensive job pool.

Cons: Cluster. Several outdated posting.


Linked:Pros: Network. Professional Facebook. Ability of positive online trail (first option when googled).

Cons: Limited job pool. Outdated postings.


The specific


Media Bistro:

Pros: User friendly. Field specific. Plenty entry levels postings.

Cons: Impractical Keyword search.


 The Muse:

Pros: Selective and targeted Pool. Detail posting. Sleek presentation.

Cons: Only major hubs available. Limited sectors.